The Persona Is Quicker Than The Eye

Did you know that many successful Internet Marketers double as magicians? Well they do. Sort of.

Ever heard of a guy known only online as "The Rich Jerk"? Uh huh. I thought you might have ;-). Now, I'm sure you know also that this online "persona" isn't the natural behavior of this person, right? No? Well then, his marketing tactic worked didn't it?!

Since the birth of the "Rich Jerk" many an online marketer have followed suit with their own "jerky" persona. Of course they are only doing what has been instructed by other marketers in true "guru" style.
And that is, to take what already works for other marketers and improve upon it. The problems arise when there is no foreseeable way to improve upon what was previously done. Then tempers flare leading to controversial online debates. You remember controversy don't you? If not, I suggest you grab a copy of the first Ultimate Dirty Tricks series and read up on it.

See, anyone can be whomever they wish to be behind the guise of a computer screen. Including YOU. Sometimes it even helps you to create and "alter ego" or personality that you use for marketing purposes. In fact, some savvy marketers create a couple different personalities that do battle on both sides, Good and Evil.

The point here is that it's working. And working well for many. Yes, it's a bit underhanded. But it's akin to writing under a "pen" name for authors. And plenty of those famous guys, and gals, do it all the time.

Also, when you want to create a great controversy, it's sometimes preferable to use an online persona to take the heat. Take the Rich Jerk for example. He treats his potential customers, and current customers like garbage. Talking down to them at every turn. Even when they beg him for help, he's still, well, a huge JERK. That's part of the persona game. You have to make it believable by keeping it going. You can't stop and be "nice" when someone has a problem. Then you would be branded a fraud. Not good especially when you're trying to build an "honest" reputation online.

Yes, I do know the true identity of the "Rich Jerk", but I will NOT reveal it here. Or anywhere else. It would be a disservice to the wealth of knowledge passed down to his customers. Which raises another point when deciding to use the online "persona". . .

Can You Keep A Secret??

If you can, then you're all set. If not, well then you may want to leave this dirty little scoundrel alone until you get the hang of keeping your mouth shut! Otherwise it will unseat your trustworthiness. Again, that is bad with a capital B.

There are plenty of marketers using the Mr. X., Mr. J., Mr. B., etc. within their reports too without taking on a secretive persona themselves too. They simply invent someone. And not just ANY someone either. Usually, this Mr. "whoever" reveals some sort of hush-hush information that was not suppose to be released to anyone. Naughty, naughty, Mr. so-and-so.

Sometimes, this even goes so far as to "pull the wool over your eyes" through the power of video. Remember, "All The World Is A Stage And The People Merely Actors". However, some Internet Marketers are very, very good actors and can make you honestly believe what you are seeing is true. Even if it's all been staged.

Or has it been staged? We may never know for sure. But, we DO know that this methodology makes us want to find out more by whipping out our credit cards and paying for it.

There is something almost seductive about a person who is unafraid. They somehow become an unsung hero to us. Wow! Risking so much just to give us information. What a trooper! They do what we only dream of doing. And that makes us listen, or watch.

So, this saucy little trick is reserved for those that are brave of heart and can keep a secret. If you can, then use it to your advantage and become someone you've always wanted to ;-).

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