The SEO Myth

SEO. The invention of smart little cookies. And I'm NOT referring to computer generated cookies either!

Hmmm. I did say both "myth" and "trick" didn't I? You know, in the title of this chapter? That's because SEO is deep seeded in both! Confused? You should be.

See, when SEO first started out, it was all about using specific keywords, and an abundance of them, throughout your pages to get you a higher rank in search engine placement. Now, it's all about using those specific keywords and adding MORE specific keywords inside your website pages generating "long-tail" search strings.

Say What?!?

Yeah. It is a bit confusing. So let's start by explaining what, exactly, SEO is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. And what it means is using keywords and phrases you put throughout your website pages(yes, including meta tags *^_^*) to help get YOUR website pages get listed towards the top in searches used by people via search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. In essence, SEO is the method in which you try and get your website listed inside the first page on any search engine.

Where your site is on the first brought back search page listed is considered your "rank". If you're inside the top 5 or 6, you're doing pretty well. Congratulations! But, if you're in the top 3, well, you're doing outstanding!! And being inside the top 3, or even striving to be number one, is the main goal of SEO.

So, the "myth" is, if you got yourself at the number one position of the search engines, then you would most definitely increase your traffic, thereby increasing your profit margins. What IS true is that if you were ranked number one, you would see an increase in the amount of traffic, or visitors, to your website. What is MYTH is that just because you would get those visitors you would earn more money.

And that is simply UNTRUE. Let's be blunt. If you have a non-decisive web page that doesn't make your visitors want to take action, then you won't see any increase in profits.

You see, getting people to your website is only a small portion of having a successful, money earning website. There are other factors at play when trying to earn money online. SEO is only one of those. The fact remains, you could be getting thousands of visitors a day and not selling a thing. And if this is the case, then you need to take a closer look at not just the layout of your website, but also the "call to action" within your page. Maybe even your description, or sales letter. Those may be where the problems are.

Then, somewhere along the lines, the rules of how to optimize your web pages got changed. And all because Internet Marketers got smarter.

Now, this is exciting. This is that "trick" part I mentioned. Instead of using one keyword over and over again on your pages, and of course, getting kicked out of the search engine ranks by doing it, the trick now is to use "long-tail" keywords. I hear you saying, "What the hell is a 'long-tail' keyword???". Hold on, because I'm about to tell you.

A "long-tail" search is one in which a specific phrase comprised of a few keywords that is used to find what the searcher is looking for via a search engine. Say, for instance, someone was searching for "gravy recipes". That would probably bring back too many results and thus, the searcher would have to do more searching. But, if this same person added the word "chicken" or "brown" to the other keywords "gravy recipes", then they would get more accurate results presented to them.

So, the phrase "chicken gravy recipes" is considered a "long-tail" search phrase. I see the lights going on ;-). You're getting it! What's powerful about "long-tail" search phrases peppered throughout your web pages is that they will naturally rank higher in the search engines.

Naturally? Yes. Meaning you won't have to do any work to get your pages closer to the top bracket. It will do it all by itself without any extra effort from you! So, maybe it's time you went back and tried slipping in a few extra specific keywords to give you that "long-tail" search string and boost your rank.

This dirty little stinker is highly recommended to every single Internet Marketer on the planet. And of course, also recommended to anyone else who wants to get higher search engine ranking too ;-).

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